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Arrested for Your Second, Third, or Fourth DWI Offense?

Multiple DWI charges are extremely serious, as the penalties in Texas for DWI are enhanced when an individual is convicted of multiple DWI charges. If you have previously been convicted of two or more related offenses over the past ten years, you may be facing serious legal trouble. When convicted of a third DWI offense, an individual will face a third-degree felony offense, which carries heavily increased penalties.

Legal Penalties of Multiple DWI Charges in Plano

When facing a second or third DWI conviction, penalties will be severely enhanced.

Subsequent offenses may bring consequences such as the following:

  • Second DWI Conviction: A second offense is a class A misdemeanor and may include penalties of up to 30 days in jail, a $4,000 fine, a driver's license suspension of up to 2 years, and license surcharges of up to $2,000 if the driver's BAC was greater than 0.16%

  • Third DWI Conviction: A third conviction would bring the charges up to a third degree felony offense and would include penalties of 2-10 years in a state penitentiary, a $10,000 fine, a driver's license suspension of up to 2 years, and a license surcharge of up to $2,000 if the driver's BAC was greater than 0.16%

Knowledgeable legal counsel may be able to challenge any evidence being used against you, including the results of a field sobriety test and/or a breath test that was administered at the time of your arrest.

If you are hoping to avoid the increased penalties of a second or third DWI conviction, it is highly recommended that you contact a qualified criminal defense attorney as soon as you have been arrested.

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