Community Supervision in Collin County, Texas

Most people are familiar with the term probation, which is referred to as “Community Supervision” in Collin County and throughout Texas. Prior to being called Community Supervision, it was referred to as “Adult Probation.” If you or someone you love is facing criminal charges in Plano or anywhere else in Collin County, you may be learning all about Community Supervision in the near future. Like probation in other states, Community Supervision is a sentencing alternative available to judges. While an offender is on Community Supervision, he or she is able to be “supervised” in the community instead of being removed from society and put behind bars. Understandably, it’s a favorable alternative over incarceration.

Why Texas Needs Community Supervision

According to Collin County’s website, “The unprecedented growth in the nation’s prison population has placed a heavy economic burden on taxpayers in terms of the cost to build, maintain and operate prisons.” The County goes on to point out how society needs to incarcerate the serious violent offenders who endanger the public’s safety; however, “Community Supervision is an alternative which both protects society and allows clients the opportunity of rehabilitation.” Here at The Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC, we couldn’t agree more. In Collin County, Texas, Community Supervision is a sentencing alternative available to misdemeanor and felony offenders; however, it is up to the discretion of the judge whether or not to grant Community Supervision to an offender. What are common supervision conditions?

  • Stay in contact with supervision officer.
  • Permit the supervision officer to visit the offender’s home.
  • Submit to drug or alcohol testing as requested.
  • Do not break any laws (state or federal).
  • Support one’s family.
  • Remain employed with a legitimate job.
  • Do not use illegal substances (drugs).
  • Pay restitution where applicable.
  • Attend drug or alcohol classes.
  • Do not leave the area without the supervision officer’s permission.

Like probation in other states, when someone is placed on Community Supervision in Collin County, they are supposed to abide by all terms and conditions set forth by the courts. If an offender violates a condition, it can lead to a revocation of Community Supervision and in the most serious cases, incarceration.

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