Crash Suspensions in Texas

Under certain circumstances, Texas drivers can have their license suspended after they have been involved in a car crash or auto accident. Essentially, if an uninsured driver is in an accident involving bodily injuries or property damage, he or she can be subject to a driver’s license suspension. “When DPS receives notice an individual has been involved in a crash which resulted in an injury, death or property damages of at least $1,000, the uninsured driver is subject to a driver license suspension,” according to the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Has Your License Been Suspended?

Was your driver’s license suspended after being in an accident due to lack of insurance? If so, you may be entitled to a hearing. If you are eligible for a hearing to contest your driver’s license suspension, it must be submitted within a specific timeframe. “If the request is submitted within the required 20 days, DPS will send a letter to the individual to the address on record,” according to the DPS. If you are mailed such a letter by the DPS, it will provide the date, time and location of your hearing, which will be scheduled within four months (120 days). The DPS makes it clear that all requests made after the required 20 days are denied, and DPS notifies the individual by mail of the denial. Where are these hearings held? They are held in either a justice or municipal court where you live. If you are eligible for such a hearing, you will be responsible for providing information to the hearing officer who will review the facts and determine if your license suspension is valid. For a person’s driver’s license to be reinstated, he or she must submit acceptable evidence, such as proof of liability insurance from the time of the crash, a cashier’s check and a Financial Responsibility Certificate (SR-22), a pre-paid insurance policy for at least six months, a notarized release from liability of judgement (SR-11), etc.

If your license was suspended due to lack of insurance, too many points on your record, a DWI, or for another reason, contact a Plano traffic ticket lawyer from our firm for help!

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