Motorcycle Accidents Involving Alcohol

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) calls motorcycle crashes complex events that involve a human, vehicle, and environmental factors, which makes sense because that’s also the case with standard car accidents.

The NHTSA goes on to say that while there’s no such thing as a “typical” motorcycle accident, one thing is for sure: motorcycle accidents are violent events. “More than 80 percent of all reported motorcycle crashes result in injury or death to the motorcyclist,” reports the NHTSA. “Ejection from the motorcycle is a common injury pathway.”

Common Causes of Motorcycle Crashes

In 1996, there were 67,000 police-reported motorcycle crashes, according to the NHTSA. Of those, 27,000 or 40% were single-vehicle crashes, meaning only the motorcycle was involved. Many motorcycle crashes are the result of lack of rider experience, and the failure of the rider to appreciate the motorcycle’s limitations and operating limitations. Another major factor in motorcycle crashes is alcohol, which is consumed by the motorcycle rider.

“Approximately 43 percent of all fatal motorcycle crashes involve alcohol. A motorcycle requires more skill and coordination to operate than a car. Riding a motorcycle while under the influence of any alcohol significantly decreases an operator’s ability to operate it safely,” according to the NHTSA.

Motorcycles and Alcohol

2013 data from the NHTSA about motorcycles revealed that in 2013, 4,399 motorcycle riders were killed in traffic crashes. Of those, 28% of motorcycle riders who died were under the influence of alcohol and had a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08% or higher. Additionally, 7% or 305 of motorcycle riders who died in traffic crashes had a BAC that was below the .08% legal limit.

“In fatal crashes in 2013, motorcycle riders involved (killed and survived) in fatal crashes had higher percentages of alcohol impairment than any other type of motor vehicle driver (27% for motorcycle riders, 23% for passenger car drivers, 21% for light-truck drivers, and 2% for drivers of large trucks),” according to Traffic Safety Facts 2013 Data. This data means that of all the different vehicle operators, motorcycle riders had more of a problem with drinking and driving than any other demographic.

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