Navigating the SSDI Process

You’re doing something you never thought you would do – thinking about applying for Social Security Disability (SSDI). It’s something you didn’t put much thought into while you were healthy and able to work, but now that it’s an option, you’re very thankful for it.

When you first considered applying for SSDI, you couldn’t believe you were thinking about it. After all, you never expected to deal with a disabling condition, at least not until you were much older. Yet, here you are.

You’re a realist and you understand that sometimes bad things happen to good people. As you’ve been researching SSDI, you’ve been running across stories online and in the media, that say applying for SSDI is a long process and only a select few are approved.

Sure, you’ve heard these horror stories for years, but you never paid close attention before, because you never though you would actually need SSDI benefits yourself.

Perhaps you were good about planning for the unexpected. You worked hard to climb the corporate ladder. When you got married, you and your spouse together earned a comfortable living.

Your Life Changed After the Accident

You and your spouse owned a home, travelled every year, and even sent two kids to college – but after a car wreck everything changed unexpectedly. Following the auto accident, something happened. You started to show signs of a traumatic brain injury.

You couldn’t remember things, and you had a hard time walking. After being referred to a neurosurgeon, he explained what was happening to your body. If you wanted to continue living, you’d have to undergo brain surgery.

After multiple brain surgeries over a period of three years, your spouse became your full-time caregiver. As a result, your savings was depleted and your financial safety net was gone.

Finally, here you are. You’re ready to apply for SSDI. You’d like to apply yourself, but you’re not in the best mental state because of your brain injury. After friends and family recommended you hire an attorney, you began searching and eventually you ended up reading this post.

If you’re not in the best mental state to tackle the lengthy SSDI application, we encourage you to contact our firm to speak with a Dallas SSDI lawyer!

After spending years in the workforce and contributing to the Federal Insurance Compensation Act (FICA), you deserve to receive disability benefits in your time of need!

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