Penalties for Staying in the Passing Lane in Texas

In Texas, most state and interstate highways will not let people drive faster than 75 miles per hour because that’s the maximum posted speed limit you’ll find. However, in some areas, the speed limit may be higher than that because certain roads have less traffic.

The speed limit on a state highway can be lower than 75 mph and people can be expected to drive slower when there’s construction, heavy traffic, or when it’s raining and driving the posted speed limit is not safe for road and weather conditions. If it’s foggy out, or if there’s ice on the road, or if you approach heavy traffic, you’re expected to adjust your speed accordingly and drive at a speed that is safe and prudent for the conditions.

In Texas, Passing Lanes Are Not Fast Lanes

In Texas, when you’re driving on a multi-lane highway, you may see a sign that reads, “Left Lane For Passing Only.” As the writing on this sign indicates, the left lane on these divided highways is not actually a “fast lane,” but it’s meant for passing only.

When you’re passing someone in a passing lane, you’re supposed to move your vehicle into the right lane once the slower vehicle to your right is a safe distance away from yours. If you impede traffic flow by continuing to drive straight in the left lane, you could be pulled over, ticketed, and fined up to $200 for lingering in the left passing lane for too long.

The Department of Public Safety says that when drivers fail to obey the law, they can create a dangerous situation for other roadway users because they create more congestion.

“People driving too slow, and then, of course, that can impede traffic especially when you get 6-7 cars back behind somebody going real slow and the people are getting upset as well and trying to pass 3 or 4 vehicles which are unsafe,” Lt. Nathan Bradley told 3News.

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