Road Rage: How to Avoid It

When you’re driving along and minding your own business, it can be unnerving to encounter an aggressive driver who suddenly and irrationally turns their frustrations on you. Before you know it, the angry driver is tailgating you or trying to run you off the road! This situation is not only dangerous, but it can be life-threatening so you should always do whatever you can to be avoid becoming the target of someone else’s road rage.

Road rage is another term for aggressive driving. People drive aggressively for different reasons. Sometimes they’re running late for work or an appointment. Sometimes they have aggressive personalities and take their bad emotions to the road. Sometimes, they just got in an argument with somebody, or they’re having a bad day and they decide to take it out on the first person who rubs them the wrong way.

Causes of Road Rage

Some of the common causes of road rage include:

  • Running late
  • Heavy traffic
  • Looking for a parking space
  • Waiting for passengers
  • Being anonymous
  • Being intoxicated
  • Having a disregard for the traffic laws
  • Aggressive driving being a habit or learned behavior

Road rage typically involves tailgating, yelling, honking out of anger, making rude and angry gestures, cutting off other automobiles, getting out of one’s vehicle to confront another driver, ramming other vehicles on purpose, and bumping other vehicles in anger.

What If I’m Confronted By an Aggressive Driver?

If you are confronted by an aggressive driver on the road, STAY AWAY, whether this means safely changing lanes, exiting the highway, or gradually slowing down. If you spot an aggressive driver, make sure you keep a safe distance. Whatever you do, don’t be aggressive back as this will only anger the aggressive driver even more. Do not stop. If you stop your vehicle, it could cause a confrontation, which can lead to a physical assault or worse. If you believe the other driver may be following you, keep your car doors locked, call 911 and drive to the nearest police station.

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