Security Guard & Bouncer Injuries in Texas

In Plano, like anywhere else in Texas or the nation, it’s not unusual for people to hit a local bar or nightclub on a Friday or Saturday night to throw back a few drinks and hang out with friends and other patrons. Locally, some of the popular watering holes include the Holy Grail Pub, Tight Ends Sports Bar & Grill, Urban Crust, Pepper Smash, the End Zone, The Filmore Pub, Austin Avenue, Ringo’s Pub, and The Ginger Man.

Since alcohol is served at these establishments, it’s common for them to have security guards or bouncers, especially in the evening hours. After all, wherever alcohol is served, inebriated patrons can get into fights and threaten the safety of other customers. Since bar fights are common, such drinking establishments find it absolutely necessary to employ bouncers to keep everyone safe.

When Bouncers & Security Guards are Negligent

Bouncers are typically found at nightclubs and bars, whereas security guards can often be found at retail stores, office buildings, amusement parks, malls, grocery stores, liquor stores, and so on. Even though their place of work may vary greatly, bouncers and security guards generally have the same duties: to protect patrons and remove unruly customers.

The problem is that bouncers and security guards, by the nature of their work, walk a very fine line. While they are expected to remove boisterous, unruly, or violent guests, they are not supposed to use violence unless they are doing it in self-defense.

Sometimes though, violence is used, but the question is, “Was the violence reasonable considering the circumstances?” Sometimes, it can be explained away, but other times, a bouncer or security guard “loses it,” and they cross the line. When patrons or customers are injured by a bouncer or security guard’s negligence or recklessness, the injured party may have grounds to file a personal injury claim.

When a Patron or Customer is Injured

Let’s say that a man saw his girlfriend at a bar kissing another man. The man is drunk and in a jealous rage, he starts yelling at the man who was kissing his girlfriend. Two bouncers quickly run over, pull the drunk man away from the other guy, and proceed to carry him out of the bar. As the bouncers exit the front door, they put the man outside.

He yells at the pair for kicking him out, and a 250-pound muscular bouncer punches the man in the face, breaking his nose. Then, he punches him again, punching out his front tooth. Since the bouncer was not acting in self-defense, the man who he punched twice could file a personal injury claim and if the bouncer was an employee, there is a good chance that the injured man could file it against the bar.

Generally, such claims are filed against the employer’s insurance policy. If you have been injured by a bouncer or security guard, you may want to file a claim for compensation.

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