SSDI & Your Work History

If you are considering filing for Social Security Disability (SSDI), the Social Security Administration will want to know if there’s any other work you can possibly do – think easier or modified work.

If your current job requires heavy lifting, can you do a clerical job instead? One that does not require any heavy lifting? In order for the SSA to decide you are disabled, the agency will want to know about previous jobs you have held and whether you can still do them.

For the SSA to render a decision, it will want to know what types of jobs you previously held, how you performed these jobs, and whether you learned any skills while performing these jobs.

Can You Do Your Past Work?

The SSA needs information on your work history so it can determine if you are physically capable of doing any of your previous jobs. According to the SSA, applicants are not disabled according to the SSA’s rules unless their injuries, illness, or medical condition prevents them from adjusting their work or doing their previous work.

The SSA will be very interested in your education and previous training. If you are not able to do the jobs you did in the past, the SSA will then look at your age, education, and previous training to see if you can perform some other type of work.

When Your Condition is Not on the Listing of Impairments

Supposing your medical condition is not severe enough to be in the Listing of Impairments; however, it does affect your ability to work. In that case, the SSA will assess your ability to engage is very basic work-related activities, such as:

  • Concentrating at work
  • Understanding and remembering
  • Carrying out instructions
  • Responding to supervisors
  • Coping with changes at work
  • Sitting, standing, walking, lifting, and pushing
  • Kneeling, crouching, using your fingers, and balancing
  • Seeing, hearing, and speaking

These are just some of the key factors considered by the SSA when reviewing a disabled worker’s application. If you are interested in learning more about the disability determination process, contact our Dallas Social Security Disability attorneys for assistance!

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