What is a Negligent Security Claim?

You can be the smartest, safest, most prepared person in the world but you can still become a crime victim. You can be punched at a bar. You can be attacked while walking your groceries to your car. You can be pistol-whipped at an ATM machine. You can be assaulted at a 24-hour donut shop because you look at someone the “wrong way.”

Really, the possibilities are endless. If you are a crime victim, you may have what’s called a “negligent security claim,” which is a breed of premises liability lawsuit. This type of personal injury claim gives crime victims a civil remedy where they can seek damages for medical bills, property damage, lost income, and other losses that stem from the attack.

When There’s Inadequate Security

Often, a negligent security claim arises out of a rape, an assault, or a robbery. But what is the basis for this type of premises liability claim? It has to do with the duty imposed on property possessors and landowners to take reasonable security measures to keep their grounds safe and protect lawful visitors so they don’t become crime victims.

For example, Plano bars like the Holy Grail Pub, the Fillmore Pub, the Rugby House Pub, and Ringo’s Pub are expected to protect patrons and since people are more inclined to get rowdy when they drink, these types of drinking establishments will often hire bouncers to keep patrons safe. But bars aren’t the only ones who are supposed to take security measures – almost any business can be liable for visitors’ safety.

In high crime neighborhoods for example, you’ll see a lot more security officers hanging outside convenience stores, grocery stores, and plazas to deter criminal activity. The concept behind a “negligent security claim” is that the crime might not have happened at all had appropriate security measures been taken.

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Do you believe you have a negligent security claim because of an attack that took place? To learn more about your rights under Texas law, contact our Plano personal injury firm!

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