Who is Covered By My Car Insurance Policy?

All states require drivers to have liability coverage, and Texas is no exception. However, if you bought a car and you still owe money on the auto loan, your lender will require that you purchase collision and comprehensive coverage.

When you purchase auto insurance, your auto insurance company will mail you an auto insurance card, which proves that you have insurance. You have to show your insurance card whenever a police officer asks for it, whenever you’re in a car accident when you renew or register your registration when you get your driver’s license or renew it, and whenever your vehicle is inspected.

Who Auto Insurance in Texas Covers

In most cases, a Texas auto insurance policy covers the policyholder, the policyholder’s family, and anyone who drives the policyholder’s vehicle with permission, but that’s not guaranteed. Some policies only cover the people who are listed on the auto insurance policy.

If you’re not sure who your policy covers, we recommend that you contact your insurance agent and ask him or her who is covered under your policy. What does your insurance policy cover? While coverages vary, most policies cover the following:

  • Car repairs, medical bills, funeral bills, lost wages,
    pain and suffering to the victims in an
    accident if you cause a crash;
  • Damage to fences, trees, street signs, and other property if you strike
    them with your vehicle;
  • Accidents that you or another covered policyholder cause while driving
    a rental car;
  • Accidents that you’re in while driving outside of Texas or in Canada;
  • Your legal fees for an attorney if someone sues you in a
    personal injury case due to an accident you cause;
  • Damage to your car after an accident if you purchased collision coverage; and
  • Property damage to your vehicle if you hit an animal and you had purchased
    collision coverage.

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