Will I Get Community Supervision?

You’re probably familiar with the term “probation.” Here in Texas, the term “Adult Probation” has been changed to “Community Supervision,” which is a sentencing alternative to incarceration. When an offender is placed on Community Supervision, it means he or she is supervised by the courts while they are in the community instead of behind bars. According to the website collincontytx.gov, “The single most used criminal punishment in the U.S. today, Community Supervision is a judicial function governed by the courts that sentence defendants.” Not just anybody can get Community Supervision; it only applies to offenders who the court deems do not pose a threat to society. “When carefully administered and applied to those who can safely be monitored in the community, it [Community Supervision] can provide rehabilitation and reintegration of offenders into society, ultimately helping to reduce crime,” according to collincountytx.gov.

Why Community Supervision is Popular

Our nation’s prison population has exploded in recent years, in effect placing a heavy economic burden on taxpayers. The United States Justice Department reports that more than two million Americans are incarcerated – almost six times as many prisoners as we had in 1970, reports collincountytx.gov. Courts across the nation are in the practice of incarcerating dangerous, violent offenders who endanger our communities. But for the nonviolent offenders, such as those who commit minor drug crimes and theft offenses, Community Supervision is an alternative to incarceration that allows nonviolent offenders to rehabilitate, work, provide for their families and be productive members of society. Will you be sentenced to Community Supervision? It depends on the nature of your offense and your criminal record. If you’re convicted of a nonviolent crime, such as drug possession, shoplifting, or public intoxication, it is possible that you’ll get Community Supervision. To learn more about your particular charges, contact our office to schedule a consultation with a Plano criminal lawyer!

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