About the Collin County Diversion Program

Collin County’s Diversion Program is supervised by the Corrections Division and Collin County Community Supervision. In order for a defendant to qualify for the program, he or she must admit that they are guilty, they must refrain from committing any new crimes, and they must be willing to adhere to the strict terms of the Diversion Program.

Collin County’s District Attorney strives to prosecute both habitual and violent offenders in Collin County, Texas. However, the Diversion Program aims to stop criminal behavior in its tracks, increase the public’s safety, and hold non-violent offenders accountable for their actions while providing offenders with the following to help them break the cycle of crime:

  • Skills
  • Education
  • Resources
  • Community-relationship building tools

It’s no secret that jail and prison are bad places to be. In many cases, throwing a non-violent offender into the jail or prison system is like throwing someone to the wolves. Not only is it tough for such individuals to be among hardened criminals, incarceration can break some people, inching them closer to a life of crime.

Collin County’s Diversion Program is a favorable alternative to incarceration. The program gives offenders the opportunity to avoid fines, probation, incarceration, sanctions, and the stigma of a criminal conviction. For the accused, it’s an attractive alternative to languishing in jail and living with a criminal conviction.

Do You Qualify for Diversion?

Not everyone qualifies for the Diversion Program; only certain criminal offenses are accepted, and each defendant who is referred goes through an assessment before he or she can be approved. A person will not be denied admission to the program because of their race, disability, sexual preference, or economic status.

Which offenses disqualify an offender?

If an offender wishes to apply for the Diversion Program, he or she cannot have any prior convictions for a violent misdemeanor or for an adult felony. While the offender is being considered, his or her arrest history and final disposition of charges will be carefully reviewed. In some cases, the Diversion Prosecutor may allow an exception.

To learn more about the Diversion Program, contact our firm to meet with a Plano criminal defense lawyer.

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