Can I Reapply for SSI?

Suppose you applied for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) a few years ago and you were denied. You assumed there was nothing else you could do, so you threw in the towel. Now, you are still disabled and your condition has only worsened and you’re wondering, “Can I reapply for SSI even though I was denied?” Yes, you can reapply at any time. In fact, you could have reapplied for SSI benefits right after you were denied. If you had an attorney when you first applied, he or she should have advised you of your options after the denial, which was to file an appeal or a new application. If you hired a lawyer to represent you when you applied for SSI benefits, you should contact him or her and request your file. This file should contain records of the work, applications and other events that took place when you originally filed the application; it will be useful to you and your new attorney.

Why You Probably Lost

If you were not approved for SSI benefits, it probably wasn’t because you hired a bad attorney. Instead, it was probably because the judge on your case was not convinced by the medical evidence you presented. That being said, if your condition has gotten worse since the denial, this can help strengthen your case. The fact that you’re older may help as well. Now that more time has passed, you should have acquired more medical evidence than when you first applied. If you plan to reapply for SSI benefits, we recommend that you do so immediately. However, you should not reapply without first speaking with an attorney. Having an experienced social security disability lawyer by your side can make a huge difference when you reapply for SSI benefits.

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