COVID-19 & SSDI Benefits

Since March, the COVID-19 pandemic has forever changed life as we know it. States are taking measures to combat the spread of the coronavirus by issuing various measures that include shutting down businesses and operations and implementing curfews.

For those who are part of the SSDI program, many of you may be wondering how the outbreak is going to impact your Social Security disability benefits. The following blog post will hopefully answer your questions.

You Will Still Continue Receiving Either Direct Deposits & Mailed Checks

If you are already receiving payments from the Social Security Administration (SSA), you do not need to worry about any stoppage to your deposits or checks. However, individuals who receive mailed checks may experience minor delays due to the pandemic.

SSA Handling High-Priority Tasks

During the pandemic, SSA employees will continue to handle “high-priority tasks,” such as applications for people with severe disabilities (e.g., terminal illness, being a Wounded Warrior, etc.), various changes of information (e.g., address, direct deposit info, representative payee, etc.), and “dire need cases,” such as a beneficiary being at risk of becoming homeless or benefit reinstatement after suspension.

You Can Still Contact the SSA

If you must contact the SSA based on any of the reasons mentioned above, you can find a local office near you by using the SSA website’s Social Security Office Locator. When you select an office, you can find a general inquiry phone number under “Show Additional Office Information.” However, you can also check out the website’s online services to see if you can achieve your goals without calling or being on hold for a long time.

When it comes to in-person appointments, SSA employees will schedule such appointments for individuals experiencing “dire-need situations.” A dire need exists when you do not have food or shelter and need to apply for or reinstate benefits, or you are currently on benefits and you need payment to pay for food and shelter.

In-Person Hearings are Canceled

Although all in-person hearings before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) have been called off, hearings are still be conducted via telephone or video conference.

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