Cybercrimes in Plano, Texas

As our society becomes more technologically advanced, cybercrime becomes a growing threat to individuals, businesses small and large, hospitals, banks and other organizations.

Since cybercrime is such a major threat, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is the “lead” federal agency that is responsible for seeking out, identifying and prosecuting those who commit cyber attacks on unsuspecting individuals, banks, and companies.

As far as the FBI and the American government are concerned, cyber intrusions are increasingly becoming more common, sophisticated, and dangerous. Everyday citizens are targeted by people looking to steal their identity. Businesses are targeted by sophisticated hackers looking to make a “quick buck” with their ransomware. Children are targeted by human traffickers and other sexual predators who stalk their prey online.

FBI Has Several Top Priorities

According to the FBI, their top priorities center on computer and network intrusions, which lead to billions lost every year due to repairing systems that are the target of such attacks. Some of these attacks are so sophisticated that they disrupt vital systems, such as banks, hospitals, and 911 services that are critical for the welfare of our communities.

The FBI’s top priorities, include:

When it comes to cybercrimes, including those not listed here, they are generally felony offenses under state and/or federal law. If an Internet or cybercrime is charged on the federal-level, the penalties will typically involve thousands of dollars in fines and years behind bars in a federal prison.

Are you being charged with a cybercrime?

If you are being charged with a cybercrime on the state or federal level, we urge you to contact our Plano criminal defense lawyers at Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC, for the aggressive defense representation you need and deserve!

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