Defending Sex Crime Allegations in Texas

If you are facing allegations of a Texas sex offense, we cannot stress enough the importance of having experienced legal counsel. The penalties for sex crimes in Texas, even the misdemeanors, can be harsh. Fines and a lengthy prison sentence are only two aspects of a conviction. There are other serious ramifications, not to mention the stigma involved. Often, an individual who is convicted of a sex crime has to register each year as a sex offender, and in many cases, they have to register for life. Failure to register with any of the registration requirements can result in felony charges.

Sex Crimes in Texas

Sex offense charges frequently involve sexual assault of an adult or a child. Depending on the age of the victim, this can mean a first or second-degree felony. Other factors that determine the seriousness of the offense are whether the victim was injured and if the perpetrator used a weapon during the crime. Indecency with a child is another category, whether by contact or through exposure. We’re seeing an increase in prosecutions involving online solicitation of a minor. There are actually police task forces that go undercover to entice individuals to engage in sexually explicit dialog with individuals who represent themselves as children. But it’s not just happening in Texas, it’s happening across the country.

Defending Allegations of a Sex Offense

While each case is unique, a successful defense always comes down to preparation. As criminal defense attorneys, it’s our job to understand the legal principles and master the facts of the case. Having a grasp of the witness’s motivation is vital. Most sex crime allegations involve people who know each other. In many situations, allegations arise in divorce and child custody disputes.

If you’re facing allegations, it’s essential that we understand your relationship with the alleged victim, the history between you, and the dynamics at play. When we dig deep into cases and try to understand the witness’s motivations, that’s when cracks in accusations begin to unfold and conditions are ripe for a winning defense. It’s important to understand that the stigma with a sex offense charge can last a lifetime, and the charge alone can change people’s perception of you, so it must be treated that way. If you’re accused of a sex offense, contact our Plano criminal defense firm for help.

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