Diversion in Texas

According to the latest data from The Texas Tribune, there’s currently more than 141,000 inmates in the State of Texas. The most common crimes listed by the Tribune include burglary of a habitation, aggravated robbery, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, aggravated sexual assault of a child, felony DWI, burglary of a building, robbery, indecency with a child sexual contact, and serious drug offenses.

The crimes listed above refer to the more severe offenses, with the majority of the inmate’s prison sentences lasting 10 to 20 years and then 5 to 10 years. If you notice, the graph provided by the Tribune doesn’t provide information on the minor offenders, this is because most of them are on some sort of diversion program.

What is Diversion?

Most states have overcrowded jails and prisons and Texas is no exception. With an overcrowded prison system, the states have created diversion programs for the low-level offenders who commit minor crimes. With diversion, defendants are able to receive counseling to identify the root causes of their criminal behavior so they can learn to cope with their stressors and avoid making the same mistakes.

When defendants successfully complete diversion, they can avoid the stigma of a criminal conviction and avoid traditional prosecution. The defendant wins. The state wins, and the community is made stronger.

Does Collin County have a diversion program? Yes, as a matter of fact it does. In order to qualify for diversion in Collin County, you cannot be charged with any of the following:

To qualify for diversion in Collin County, you cannot have any adult felonies on your record, nor can you have any convictions for violent misdemeanors like assault. However, this rule isn’t black and white. In some cases, the Diversion Prosecutor is willing to work with defendants and make an exception.

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If you are interested in learning more about Collin County’s Diversion Program and if you qualify, contact The Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC to meet with a Plano criminal defense attorney who’s on your side.

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