Does the FBI Investigate White Collar Crime?

The term “white collar crime” was coined in 1939, and it makes one automatically get an image of a white collared shirt, one worn by business professionals. As the name suggests, white collar crime refers to crimes committed by business and government professionals. The crimes committed by these individuals are not violent in nature. Instead, they involve lies, cheating, deceit, and various forms of fraud – often financial fraud.

White collar crime may not involve assault, murder or other such crimes, but we assure you, there are victims and the impact of white collar crime can ruin a company, wipe out a family’s life savings, make tax refunds disappear, ruin victims’ creditworthiness, and swindle businesses for billions. So, the question is, does the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) get involved?

“Today’s fraud schemes are more sophisticated than ever, and the FBI is dedicated to using its skills to track down the culprits and stop their scams before they start,” says the FBI. So, there’s your answer!

What Does the FBI Investigate?

For starters, we want you to know that the FBI does not act alone. Federal agents often work in cooperation with local and state law enforcement agencies, but it also works with various federal agencies, such as the Internal Revenue Service, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and several others.

The following are some, but not all of the federal crimes investigated by the FBI:

  • Embezzlement,
  • Bankruptcy fraud,
  • Mortgage fraud,
  • Tax evasion,
  • Identity theft,
  • Healthcare fraud,
  • Money laundering,
  • Investment fraud,
  • Securities and commodities fraud, and
  • Corporate fraud (e.g. fraudulent trades, false accounting entries, insider trading, misuse of corporate property, tax violations related to self-dealing).

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Are you currently being investigated by the FBI? Or, is the state considering proceeding to a federal prosecution? Either way, your situation requires experienced and aggressive legal representation. Contact our Plano criminal defense firm immediately for assistance.

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