Dog Bite Prevention Tips

Dogs can be absolutely wonderful. They offer unconditional love, companionship, emotional support, and protection. Dogs really are man’s best friend, but unfortunately, more than 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs every year, according to the ASPCA. Any dog can bite, especially if someone approaches them while eating, sleeping, or caring for puppies.

However, dogs are more likely to bite or attack if they have been abused by humans or improperly socialized. For example, if a dog grew up its whole life on a 10-foot chain and rarely interacted with humans, the chances are higher that it would be a “dangerous dog” than if it was socialized since it was a puppy.

Protecting Dogs & People

When a dog does bite someone, they run the risk of being abandoned or euthanized, so in order to protect dogs and people, it’s important that dog owners practice responsible pet ownership, which begins with showing love to their pets, properly socializing them, and taking care not to let their dogs hurt other people. Dog bites are mostly preventable when people follow these safety tips: For Children

  • Do not pet a strange dog without the owner’s permission.
  • Before petting a dog, let it sniff you.
  • Do not hit, kick, poke, or tease dogs.
  • Do not pet a strange dog that is in a car or sitting in the back of a truck.
  • If you see an injured dog, do not touch it. Find an adult and ask them to get the injured dog help.
  • Do not pet a dog that is barking at you or has its tail under its legs.
  • Do not pet a dog that is eating, sleeping, or caring for puppies.
  • Do not leave an infant or child unsupervised with a dog, even if it’s the family dog.
  • Teach children to treat dogs with love and respect.

For Dog Owners

  • When your dog is a puppy, make sure it gets lots of love and attention so it’s properly socialized.
  • As a puppy, expose your pet to other dogs frequently so they are socialized with other dogs.
  • Understand that animal abuse leads to fear and aggression in dogs, creating a dangerous animal. The best way to raise a good dog is to give it love and respect, and plenty of training.
  • Do not let your dog run at large. Instead, always have your dog on a leash so you can maintain control.
  • Do not let someone pet your dog until your dog has sniffed them and is comfortable with that person.

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