Income Reporting for SSD Benefits

Are you considering filing for Social Security Disability benefits? If so and you are approved for benefits, you will have to provide certain information to the Social Security Administration on an ongoing basis. For example, you have to keep your current address updated on their files. So, if you move, you’ll need to notify the SSA right away. You’ll also need to keep the SSA informed about your income while you receive benefits.

According to the Social Security Administration, “If you receive disability benefits, you must report your earnings or income from work AND any changes in your work activity.” If you are a representative payee for someone who is receiving disability benefits, you’ll have to report these changes on their behalf.

What do I Have to Report?

Once you receive disability benefits, this is what you’ll be required to report to the SSA:

  • All of your income, whether it’s from regular wages or from being self-employed, or if you receive income from both sources.
  • If you start working again.
  • If you stop working.
  • If your pay changes for any reason.
  • If the number of hours you work change.
  • If you start paying for anything connected to your disability, such as co-pays, prescriptions, medical devices, counseling, therapy, transportation, etc.
  • If you start receiving assistance so you can do your job due to your disability, such as a mentor, a job coach, or if you need extra breaks.

You will need to report all sources of income while receiving disability benefits, including: sick pay,workers’ compensation benefits, pensions from work that is not covered by Social Security. You will need to report the frequency of all such income and you must report whenever an income source changes or ends.

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