Income Reporting for SSDI

The Social Security Disability program has helped millions of disabled Americans gain access to much-needed benefits so they can pay for the basic necessities of life, such as housing, food, and clothing. While this essential program has helped so many, it’s not available to everyone.

In order to qualify for SSDI benefits, the applicant must have a disability that will last at least a year, or the condition must result in death. Since the SSDI program is only available to a limited number of disabled Americans, there are strict eligibility requirements.

Once a disabled worker’s medical condition improves to the point that he or she can successfully return to work without aggravating or worsening their medical condition, then the Social Security Administration (SSA) will review the person’s condition and decide when the right time to cease the person’s benefits is.

SSA’s Reporting Requirements

While someone is receiving SSDI benefits, they must abide by the SSA’s reporting requirements. For example, the individual must inform the SSA whenever they change their address or bank accounts, and they must be sure to report their income to the SSA.

As a matter of fact, while you’re receiving SSDI benefits, you must be completely open and honest with the SSA about your income. If you return to work, part or full-time, the SSA wants to know about it. If you are representing a beneficiary and he or she goes back to work, you are expected to report to the SSA on behalf of the beneficiary.

Examples of what you must report to the SSA:

  • All of your income
  • If you stop working
  • If you start working
  • If your pay changes
  • If your hours change
  • Other income, including workers’ compensation, vacation pay, sick pay pensions
  • If you have to pay for things that you need for work because of your disability, such as transportation, a wheel chair, medical devices, etc.
  • If you have to receive extra help from a mentor, job coach, etc. because of your disability

If you are interested in applying for disability benefits, our Dallas Social Security Disability attorneys would be glad to guide you through the process. To learn more about our services, contact our office today!

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