Reasons for Texas License Suspensions

It’s no secret; Texas is a BIG state and much like the State of California, Texas residents rely on their vehicles to get to and from work every day. If you can’t drive, you’re practically handicapped, especially if you commute to work (as most of us do). For this reason, maintaining a valid driver license is vital for the average Texan.

Texas considers driving a privilege, not a right, but that’s the case with all states. Unfortunately, there are a number of ways that a driver can lose their driver license in Texas and a lot of people aren’t aware of this.

Reasons for Texas license suspensions:

Drug-Related License Suspensions

You’re probably aware of the fact that your license can be suspended for driving while intoxicated, but you may not know that when individuals are convicted of a drug or controlled substance offense in Texas, the following occurs:

  • Their driver license is suspended for 180 days, and
  • They are required by law to complete a 15-hour substance abuse class for each drug-related conviction.

If someone is convicted of a drug offense and they fail to complete the mandatory 15-hour drug education class for each conviction, their driver license will be revoked beyond the original 180-day suspension. The defendant’s license will remain revoked until he or she completes the class or classes as required and pays an administrative fee for failing to complete the program as ordered.

How Do I Check My License Status?

If you need to check on the status of your Texas driver license, you can take advantage of the Texas Department of Public Safety’s online License Eligibility system. This system helps Texas drivers:

  • Pay the fees due for their license suspension offense.
  • View which compliance items are needed.
  • Track the status of their driving eligibility.

To check your driving eligibility, click here.

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