How do I prevent slip and fall accidents?

How do I prevent slip and fall accidents?

First and foremost, ensure that any and all spills are cleaned immediately, and if they are unable to be cleaned immediately, that they are marked with the proper signs and warnings. Additionally, remove any clutter or obstacles from walkways, and sweep or clean debris from walkways as well. Ensure that there is consistent and clear lighting throughout walkways. Always check walkways for uneven surfaces, flooring issues, or loose cables. Unanchored mats or rugs in walkways are also tripping/slipping hazards and must be secured or removed from the walkway. Ensure that these slipping and tripping hazards are eliminated from your premises, so you can prevent any accidents on your property. On the other hand, pay close attention to where you are walking, especially in new or unfamiliar places. Wear proper footwear (stable tennis shoes, etc.), and pay attention to any spots that may look wet or uneven.

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