Can a criminal defense lawyer help me clear my criminal record?

Can a criminal defense lawyer help me clear my criminal record?

If you have an ongoing case, a criminal defense lawyer can help you expunge or “clear” your criminal record. They can ensure that your reputation is protected by expunging your record, allowing you to have a clean background check. If you are concerned about a criminal case that you are dealing with, consult with a criminal defense lawyer to gauge the severity of the crime and whether it can be erased or not.

If you hire a criminal defense lawyer to remove the crime from your record, they can help clear your record, as if you were not convicted in the first place. This process can take a few months, between your criminal defense lawyer filing the petition for expunction and the permanent destruction of your records. However, it can save you time and trouble if you are
looking for a new job or career, especially if you were wrongly convicted of a crime.

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