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Month: May 2019

Social Security Numbers for Immigrants

If you’re planning on living and working in the United States, you may be wondering, “Do I need to get a Social Security number?” and “Is that even possible?” The answer to both questions is “yes.” If you plan to get a job in the U.S., you need a Social Security...

Causes of Nursing Home Abuse

You may wonder about the causes of nursing home abuse, and if you have a loved one who is in a nursing home or if you’re considering placing him or her in a nursing home, this is a valid thing to ponder. Unfortunately, elder abuse is a common and widespread problem,...

What is a Wrongful Death Claim?

You are probably very familiar with homicide crimes – those involving manslaughter and murder. In these situations, the perpetrator killed the victim out of “passion” or in the worst cases, the murder was premeditated. Meaning, the perpetrator planned the killing....