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Month: September 2019

The ‘Staged’ Car Accident

You’re probably familiar with health insurance fraud, immigration fraud, credit card fraud, check fraud, bankruptcy fraud, and food stamp fraud, but are you familiar with another type of fraud involving staged car accidents? You read that right, some people will go so...

Naturalization Through Military Service

If you were not born in the United States but you wish to become a US citizen, and you are in the Armed Forces or are thinking about joining, you may want to consider naturalization through military service. You see, immigrants who join the US military and their...

Can Noncitizens Get SSI?

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is not the same thing as Social Security Disability (SSD). SSI is described as a federal income supplement program, and the funds come from tax revenues, not from people’s Social Security taxes. SSI was designed for older adults, the...