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Green Cards

Replacing a Green Card

Are you a permanent resident who needs to replace your Green Card? Or, are you a conditional resident whose two-year Green Card needs to be replaced? Either way, you’ll need to apply for a replacement Green Card immediately. “What if I’m currently outside the U.S. and...

Green Cards Through Job Offers

Are you interested in coming to the United States to live and work full-time? If so, you may be able to become a lawful permanent resident (Green Card Holder) if you receive an offer of permanent employment here in the U.S. The first task at hand is to determine if...

Can I Lose Permanent Resident Status?

There are numerous benefits to being a lawful permanent resident, otherwise known as a “Green Card holder.” You get to live in the United States permanently. You get to work in the U.S. You get to sponsor relatives, and seek U.S. citizenship. However,...

Green Card Eligibility

Are you an immigrant who is interested in living and working in the United States? If so, you will need to obtain a Green Card. In order for you to receive a Green Card, you must be “eligible” under one of the eight categories listed by the U.S....