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Seeking Compensation for Grocery Store Accidents

Here in Plano, Texas, we have a wide variety of grocery stores to shop at including Market Street, Central Market, H Mart Plano, Trader Joe’s, CCCP Market, Whole Foods, Tom Thumb, Kroger, Fiesta Mart, 99 Ranch Market, and Sprouts. And if you’re like the average...

Security Guard & Bouncer Injuries in Texas

In Plano, like anywhere else in Texas or the nation, it’s not unusual for people to hit a local bar or nightclub on a Friday or Saturday night to throw back a few drinks and hang out with friends and other patrons. Locally, some of the popular watering holes include...

Playground Accidents: Can Parents Sue?

Playground injuries have been occurring since playgrounds were invented. Kids have fallen off monkey bars, they’ve been burned sliding down burning hot slides, they’ve gotten slivers of wood in their hands from wooden playgrounds, they’ve been cut, their heads have...